NBHS Top 25 Set to Make Mark in College

The top 25 students of the high school’s Class of 2015 will be attending some of the finest academic institutions, both in and out of the country:

1.    Hiah Saljooki: Attending Stony Brook University
2.    Alison Veintimilla: Applied to Brown University, Harvard University and Colby College
3.    Grecia Asencios: Attending Cornell University
4.    Emily Zhao: Attending Boston College
5.    Jennifer Meier: Attending DePaul University
6.    Skylar Holst: Attending Stony Brook University
7.    Lauren Nelson: Attending Stony Brook University
8.    Louis Levanti: Attending Ithaca College
9.    Michael Sardi: Attending Binghamton University
10.    Ononnah Ahmed: Attending Stony Brook University
11.    Kelly Sisson: Attending Binghamton University
12.    Matthew McGovern: Attending University of Buffalo
13.    Dana Schroeder: Attending Binghamton University
14.    John Cuomo: Attending St. John’s University
15.    Emily Schalet: Applied to Binghamton University, SUNY Albany and Manhattan College
16.    Jordan Bailey: Attending the United States Military Academy at West Point
17.    Daniel Colloca: Attending Ohio State University
18.    Zachary Parker: Applied to St. Joseph’s College
19.    Jonathan Link: Attending Binghamton University
20.    Kaila McLaughlin: Attending Farmingdale State College
21.    Alexis Rutha: Attending University of Tampa
22.    Cameron Schmid: Attending University of York, United Kingdom
23.    Sabrina Kachurka: Attending Millersville University
24.    Michael Rakowski: Attending Binghamton University
25.    Amy Okano: Attending Stony Brook University