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Dear neighbor:
A few years ago, when all of State government was controlled by just one political party, New York's children were repeatedly hurt by bad decisions.
Among the worst was the creation of the Gap Elimination Adjustment or GEA. This multi-billion dollar budget-cutting scheme hurt local schools and millions of children throughout our state. 
I wanted to let you know that I recently joined my Senate Republican colleagues in announcing a major new effort to completely eliminate the GEA budget cuts once and for all.
By making this a top priority in budget negotiations, we are fighting to restore much-needed funding to local schools in our community.  This will mean more resources for classroom instruction and quality programs -- helping to ensure an outstanding education for every child, in every school throughout New York State. 
If you support eliminating the GEA budget cuts that have been hurting our local schools, please click here and join my KIDS NOT CUTS! Campaign today. I will be sure to keep you posted on my efforts. 
Working together, we can bring an end to the GEA school aid cuts, and build a brighter, stronger, better future for our kids.


DEAN G. Skelos
Majority Leader
New York State Senate