Message from North Babylon High School:
Please listen carefully for important information regarding the revised regents schedule which can be found online at the high school's website. Thursday morning the following regents will be starting at 8am: Alg 2 / Trig Regents, US History and Government Regent, Algebra CC Regents, RCT Science, and the RCT US History.  Thursday afternoon the following regents examinations will start at 12 noon: Physical Setting/Earth

Science Regents, Physical Setting/Chemistry Regents, Physical Setting/Physics Regents, the Comprehensive English Regents, and RCT Reading. On Friday morning at 8 am the following regents will begin:Global History Regents, Geometry Regents , and the RCT Writing.

On Friday afternoon the Integrated Algebra Regents and RCT Math examinations will be given.  Please note that all previously scheduled midterms examinations have been moved to in class examinations for next week and a schedule will be forthcoming for midterms.

Revised State Testing Schedule