North Babylon High School Students Help to Preserve The Long Island Sound

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Students from Mr. Jaeger’s Mariculture Club are currently working hard to restore the local estuaries of Mr. Sinai and Stony Brook Harbors.  Students will be entering the waters and scattering 200,000 immature hard shell clams during over the next few days.

            Over the past year, students have been studying our coastal waters. They learned that the Hard Shell Clam plays a vital role in in keeping our ecosystem healthy. Hard Shell Clams naturally filter water, making it clean over time. They also consume large algae blooms, which are detrimental for sea life to thrive.  The clams will later serve as resource for families and commercial fisherman.

            The Hard Shell Clam Mariculture Project is run in cooperation with Western Suffolk BOCES, New York New York Institute and Technology, the Division of Environmental Protection in the Brookhaven Department of Planning and Environment, and Smithtowns Department of Environment and Waterways.