Vedder students learn about the Star Spangled Banner on its 200th anniversary

On the day after Sept. 11, children at Marion G. Vedder Elementary School learned about the history of our national anthem as it turned 200 this year.
Second-graders in Madeline Parlato’s music class read aloud a picture-book about the Star Spangled Banner and sang the anthem with their hands held over their hearts. Parlato examined each verse and asked the students about the significance of the words, and also provided historical context so that they would be able to understand their meaning.

The children also watched clips and listened to sound bytes from the Smithsonian’s interactive website, which was shown on the classroom’s overhead projector. The website featured interactive games, trivia and pictures from the preservation of the original American flag from the Battle at Fort McHenry that the children enjoyed.

“This lesson was a terrific example of how we can teach our children American history through music,” District Arts and Music Director Dr. Kim Lowenborg-Coyne said. “We strive to educate tomorrow’s great citizens in our programs, and we have fun learning about what makes America great while we become proficient in the arts.”