Culminating their unit of study on the presidents of the United States, as well as their biography unit, history came to life as fifth-graders at Woods Road Elementary School participated in the first annual wax museum exhibit. For more than three weeks, students learned about their president, his life and his accomplishments and were tasked with creating posters and writing a speech to illustrate those achievements. For the exhibit, the students dressed in costumes as their president.

During the museum hours, parents and younger students were invited to tour the exhibit to learn more about the history of the U.S. presidents. With the press of a button, the figures came to life and shared important information, including their childhood, education, adult life and major contributions to American history.

“This is a different way of learning for the students,” said fifth-grade teacher Darren Lotter. “It gives the children an opportunity to be creative, while still learning important details of America’s history.” Fifth-grade teacher Denise Casale said, “The students were really excited for the project. It really brought history to life for each of them.”

The exhibit tied together several different academic disciplines, including history, reading, research, writing and public speaking.