Harvest Fun at Belmont

In November, the fourth-graders at Belmont Elementary School participated in a day of Thanksgiving fun. After the three combined classes were placed into groups, they traveled to different classrooms to participate in various hands-on lessons that connected to either a current or future New York State English Language Arts module.

In Mrs. Calscibetta’s classroom, the students read and discussed an Onondaga myth titled “The Earth on Turtle’s Back.” They also created a turtle rattle, and then examined a real Native American turtle rattle supplied by the Huntington Arts Council.

In Mrs. Eichhorn’s classroom, the students made homemade butter that they taste tested on homemade cornbread. Additionally, the students answered questions after watching a video about the Pilgrims and Native Americans who lived at Plymouth Plantation.   

In Mrs. Petraglia’s classroom, the students participated in workstations where they examined and answered questions based on the many authentic Native American artifacts supplied by the Huntington Arts Council. The students had a great time by applying their knowledge of the Iroquois Indians and the lessons they had learned during their recent field trip to the Old Bethpage Village Restoration.