Recognizing Human Rights

To culminate a Common Core Learning Standards module on human rights, the fifth-graders at North Babylon’s Parliament Place Elementary School recognized the United Nations’ Human Rights Day on Dec.10. Leading up to this day, the students studied the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and learned how those rights are demanded in some countries and violated in others.

“The module taught us that everyone has the right to a house, an education and affordable medical care,” said Matthew Kendall, a fifth-grader in Staci Manning’s class. “It’s important everyone has these rights because you need education to learn, a house for shelter and medical care in case you get sick.”

The students also created their own passports, which included the preamble to the UDHR, and made their own T-shirts, which they wore on Dec. 10. The front of each shirt featured the top five rights the individual student deemed most important, while the back of the shirt displayed their reasoning for why they had chosen those rights.