Hello, this is Glen Eschbach Superintendent of the North Babylon School District

Based on the recommendation of the County Health Commissioner and in consultation with the Superintendent’s Association, today County Executive, Steve Bellone, called a Local Emergency Order to close all schools within Suffolk County for a period of two weeks beginning tomorrow, Monday, March 16th. As you are already aware, we were to be closed for the next 7 school days already. So, this order now closes the district for an additional 3 days, and through March 27th. This would make a return date for all staff and students March 30th. 

As you know we have already begun developing plans to feed our community during an extended school closure, and those plans will be put into place shortly. Central Office Administration will be working tomorrow to continue with this preparation in order for our students and their families who are in need of food to have access during this closure. 

As Executive Bellone stated, there is evidence that the virus is already present in many communities, and our efforts now must be aimed at preventing its spread. As part of our larger social distancing efforts, we believe that closing schools is the right thing to do at this time.While kids are home from school we encourage parents to continue to follow County Health Department guidance, practice social distancing and to wash hands frequently to help contain the spread of the virus.

It is my advice that during this time parents, guardians, and caregivers do their absolute best to limit social interactions between their children and others outside their household. It is recommended that there are no parties, no sleepovers, and no hanging out in groups. It is our responsibility as good citizens to do whatever possible to help prevent the spread of this virus. The time off from school should be spent with those who already live in your household reading, doing some of the school work provided,  playing games, being outside in the yard together playing sports or outdoor games, binge watching your favorite shows, playing video games, or anything your family enjoys doing together. It’s ok for your children to tell you that they are bored. Boredom is a natural part of life. Kids need to learn how to entertain themselves in appropriate ways, and this is a perfect time to practice that. As adults, give them suggestions to keep their mind and body active. The school district will continue to give you resources to help you in this effort. Please be reminded that should someone in the household become ill with the symptoms aligned with the Coronavirus, they should separate themselves from the other household members and seek medical attention.  

Should you need any support or guidance as it relates to our current health crisis please do not hesitate to call me at 631-620-7011 or email me my address can be found on the district website.