Students Roll Forward With Successful Short Film

Students Roll Forward With Successful Short Film photo thumbnail162074
High School students in Mrs. Nicole Raymond's advanced film class entered into the 72 Hour Film Competition at Five Towns College. The team was assigned to the horror genre and had to write the script, complete filming and edits within 72 hours. 

After assigning jobs and brainstorming production strategies, students wrote the script titled “ANYTHING” and gathered costumes, props, and volunteer extras for filming. 

During the screening and judging ceremonies, the group was nominated for six of the 12 awards, including Best Use of Genre, Best Use of Prop, Best Use of Character, Best Acting, Best Editing and Best Overall. The short film won Best Use of Genre and Sophia Bonventre won for Best Acting.

They will be attending the Hofstra Film Festival on Feb. 29 and the St. John the Baptist Film Festival on April 29.

The district congratulates all participating students on this impressive accomplishment and wishes them luck for the upcoming festivals.