Dear Mr. President

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Following their English language arts unit on writing persuasive and informative letters, the first-graders in Karen Bender’s class at North Babylon’s Woods Road Elementary School wrote individual letters to President Barack Obama. In their letters, the students asked questions of President Obama, including queries about his favorite color, food, etc. To the surprise and elation of the first-graders, the class received a response from the president, as well as a map of the White House and information on the life of Bo, the first dog.

In his letter, President Obama thanked the students for their thoughts and told them that the success of our nation depends on them and their generation. “As you grow and learn, remember that our country is counting on you to be a dedicated and hard-working student,” the president wrote in his letter. “I encourage you to set your sights high, aim for excellence in all that you do, and try each day to improve the lives of others in your community.”

Later in the spring, the students will practice their letter writing when they draft letters to the famous fictional characters at Disney World.